16 November 2012

Events: The LED winter garden of Nagashima

On the island of Nagashima, in Kuwana, the Nabana No Sato Botanical gardens were transformed into a fairytale scenario. To enlighten them, millions of LED lights, creating veritable rivers of light, thus marking the paths to follow.

The installation, which has earned the title of "best light show in the country," draws its inspiration from the Botanical Park function. In fact, every cell is enclosed in a LED "bulb" of floral form, to create the feeling of a sea of glowing flowers that degrade up to the floor, where they become blue.

Changing morning light, auroras borealis, even the shape of Mt. Fuji, the overall effect for visitors is of passing under a sea of glowing flowers that seems to go on forever.

The amazing winter illuminations will be on display until March 31, 2013.

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